Types of Brick

Rough Hewn

Authentic handmade brick, an honest personal expression, speaks of nature in its purest form. Notice the coarse texture and irregular markings resulting from hand forming.


This pastel sand face sends a uniquely contemporary look which is almost tropical in its freshness. Colored sand faces are permanently bonded to the base brick during the firing process.

Natural Classic

A traditional clay brick with the look of hand crafting suggests an appreciation for the past and an interest in subtle details. Irregular corners and markings are the result of a tumbling process used in mass production to suggest “hand-made”.


Surprisingly light colors and a crisp profile suggest clarity and contemporary interests. The through-body color has a monolithic European look not easily achieved using other materials.


This consistently formed, wire-cut face with random flashing sends a solid message of integrity, strength and value. The flashing or “burns” across the face, the result of additional firing, suggest old-world timelessness.

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