The introduction of new face brick colors and textures has brought about changes in materials and methods used in cleaning new brick walls. Also, the continual search for more efficient ways to construct buildings has been responsible for the introduction of several new systems for cleaning masonry.

This publication is a report of many cleaning methods being used currently and a guide to cleaning most types of brick found in this area and is prefaced with recommendations for minimizing the need for cleaning new work.

The information and recommendations made herein are based on our own research, and research and experience of others, and are believed to be accurate. However, no guarantee of their accuracy is made because we cannot cover every possible application of the products described, nor anticipate variations encountered in masonry surfaces, job conditions and cleaning methods used.


Table of Contents

  • Building Clean Brick Walls
  • Brick Cleaning Systems
    1. Bucket and Brush Cleaning
    2. High Pressure Water Cleaning
    3. Sandblast Cleaning
    4. Special Cleaning Systems
  • Cleaning Guide
  • Specialty Cleaning
  • General Information

Brick Cleaning Systems

Bucket and Brush Cleaning
Bucket and Brush Cleaning is a method of cleaning newly constructed brick walls in both small and large jobs. A minimum amount of equipment is needed and workmen do not need tobe highly skilled. Only the job foreman or supervisor need to be knowledgeable and experienced.

This method may be used for cleaning all colors and textures of brick. However, care must be used in selecting the proper cleaning solution for the job. The safest way to determine the proper cleaning solution for a given type of brick is to ask the brick manufacturer for his recommendation.

As a general policy statement, the Brick Association of the Carolinas does not recommend the use of muriatic acid to clean brick. Although muriatic acid has been used successfully in the past in select situations, too frequently its improper use has caused problems. If a request to use muriatic acid is received, permission to do so should be obtained from the brick manufacturer.

To read more, download the full Guide to Cleaning New Brick.

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