The Brick Advantage:Warmth

Brick patio with fireplace

A brick? Warm? Sure, it’s pretty toasty just out of the kiln, but on an emotional level? Absolutely. Without fail, the one attribute of brick homes that rose above all others in surveys was its sense of “warmth.”

Whether rooted in a romanticized sense of tradition and nostalgia or in specific personal experiences, surveyed homeowners repeatedly waxed poetic on the “hominess” of a house made with brick.

Pumpkin pie

The images a brick home brought to mind were filled with glowing candles, roaring fireplaces, pies baking in the oven and, most importantly, friends and family gathered together. The brick home was characterized as a place of togetherness for sharing and bonding, and frequent associations with
holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas related not only to the emotional warmth of the gathering, but the physical
warmth of a brick home in cold weather.

In contrast, other materials, such as vinyl-siding and stucco (real or faux) left the participants “cold” both physically and emotionally. Their descriptions of life in these houses focused more on the day-to-day, on-the-go mentality of modern life, rather than the family connections
associated with brick.

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