The Brick Advantage:A Great Investment

Brick is one of those rarities in life. It’s a dirt-simple product (literally) with universal appeal and exceptional durability. Yet, for all its benefits, it gets a bad rap – “It’s too expensive.” Truth is, houses built of this modular man-made marvel have an amazing list of economic benefits.

It’s true; on "day one", homes built with brick may cost, on average, about 4-6% more than those using other exterior materials, but almost no one lives in a house for just "day one". In a very short time, this “expense” transforms itself into real savings.

Save On Maintenance

Brick never needs painting or cleaning. It never rots, fades, peels or dents. Just think of the savings in paint, labor and head-aches this can mean.

Save On Fuel Bills

Brick is a proven insulator. It is slow to lose or absorb heat, which reduces the load on your heating and cooling system. A brick home stays warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm.
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Save On Insurance

Because brick is a fireproof building material, many insurance companies offer reduced rates. Ask your agent to compute your potential savings with a brick home.

Brick Homes Have A Higher Resale Value

On average, brick homes command at least 6% more than other home styles. So, when a brick house sells, the return on the initial investment almost always proves to be a wise one.
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